6 Leading Interactive Kiosk Companies

The interactive kiosk space is fast becoming cluttered as these kiosks are being requested by companies, as they are being utilized by customers. Verizon Wireless is one example of a company who has interactive kiosks in almost every corporate store. They are primarily used for paying bills and gathering account information, but all indications are that those machines are going to be taking on more responsibilities in the future. The reason is these kiosks are being designed for public use, so as to increase loyalty, strengthen the company brand, and ultimately these kiosks will prove to be cost-saving for companies as they will likely replace people that are currently doing jobs the kiosk can efficiently handle. There are a number of companies in this space and those that are manufacturing the top-rated kiosks are Redyref, Zivelo, Advanced Kiosks, StarMicronics, View Sonic, and Sera.

Redyref is located in the United States, and all their manufacturing takes place in this country. They currently serve huge corporate clients like Marriot Hotels, New Jersey Transit, Accenture, Hilton Hotels, and Hershey, just to name a few. They also develop all the software that is being used in the kiosks in their 250,000 square-foot manufacturing center. One of their strengths is customizable kiosk design. They can design a kiosk to clients specifications. In addition, some examples of their software include building directories, automated drivers license testing and digital signage. They make wall-mount as well as stand-alone kiosks.

Zivello produces kiosks for companies such as Gucci, Mercedes, Coca Cola, Boeing, Chase, Nike and Starbucks, amongst others. They create a host of different kiosks including photo, way-finding, transaction and informational kiosks for both indoor and outdoor use. They also make solar kiosks. Zivello kiosks can also be found in government buildings, schools and in retail establishments. They currently hold patents on over 100 design elements, and their kiosks can also be customized.


Advanced Kiosks are currently used by healthcare companies, schools, governmental entities, churches and in many retail establishments. This American manufacturer of touch-screen interactive kiosks works closely with manufacturers and suppliers to be sure that parts are made to their standards. They also have a sort of testing facility where they test each model as they manufacturer it, taking time to be sure everything is going as planned each step of the way. They also several different models and have recently launched a slightly more portable countertop kiosk.

StarMicronics manufactures kiosks under their customer engagement solution division. Their interactive ASR kiosk consistently receives top honors from users. Another model this company makes, the AsuraCPRNT model also consistently receives positive feedback from users and owners alike. View Sonic manufacturers interactive kiosks that have created software, and a fully interactive app, making most any device into a kiosk. They have developed deployable software that runs on Android platforms, which eliminates the need for a physical kiosk to be delivered. Their smart displays feature a touch-screen which easily transforms any wall-mounted television with WiFi capabilities into an interactive kiosk. Eventually this will morph into tablets, and other small electronic devices, being handed to customers to complete kiosk transactions, making the kiosks of the future very portable.

Peerless makes super slim, stand-alone kiosk enclosures that have 55″ ultrathin LCD displays. The kiosks manufactured by this company are currently being used in colleges and universities, hospitals, retail establishments and shopping malls. The screen is rather impressive, and using one of these interactive kiosks will likely not be an experience you will soon forget. They are very intuitive, with large, brightly lit displays. They also created these kiosks with a door in the rear of the kiosk making maintenance very easy.

This interactive kiosk space is evolving nearly as fast as the technology itself. There are many companies manufacturing them today, but these are some of the top manufacturers at this juncture.

7 Interactive Kiosks That Are Gaining Popularity


Introducing interactive kiosks

As you may have noticed, interactive kiosks are popping up everywhere. These quirky new pieces of technology are computer terminals that provide information about a variety of things. They can often be found in the busiest city areas, as well as airports, hotels and even supermarkets. Here are seven interactive kiosks that are rapidly gaining popularity.

The most popular interactive kiosks

1) Internet Kiosks

Internet Kiosks

Internet kiosks can be seen in more and more places nowadays. These terminals offer internet access in a variety of places, but most commonly airports, hotels and waiting rooms. Some internet kiosks are free to use while others operate on a pay-for-use basis. While these popular computers offer people the chance to surf the web everywhere, some have criticized them for being vulnerable to hackers.

2) Telekiosks


Telekiosks rose to prominence in the early 2000s as a replacement to the telephone booth. These kiosks brought with them many advantages, including the ability to send emails, faxes and text messages. While their use has declined in the western world, they have rapidly gained in popularity in less developed nations.

3) Photo Kiosks

Photo Kiosks

Due to the introduction of digital cameras, many people don’t end up printing off their photos now, which led to the rise of photo kiosks. They come in two types: digital order stations and instant print stations. The former are more typically used within retail stores while the latter are more likely to be found in more public places.

4) DVD Vending Kiosks

DVD Vending Kiosks

Renting DVDs has become a whole lot easier thanks to DVD vending kiosks. These kiosks allow you to rent DVDs directly from the terminal – they operate similar to a food and drink vending machine. Users generally pay by card and renting generally costs around $1 per day. DVD vending kiosks can regularly be seen in supermarkets.

5) Self-Checkout Kiosks

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Waiting in line to purchase your groceries is time consuming, however, the self-checkout lanes can help to alleviate the stress. These machines take up little space and allow more shoppers to buy their items at the same time, and therefore queue lengths are reduced. Self-checkout kiosks are now a regular fixture in most supermarkets.

6) Restaurant Kiosks

Restaurant Kiosks

Restaurant queues can be a pain but with the introduction of restaurant kiosks, the process has become far quicker. You can order your food directly from these kiosks – which are usually touch screen – and pay for it there as well. Fast food companies such as McDonalds make use of restaurant kiosks.

7) Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks

Information kiosks have for a long time been found in public places like museums, and their use has continued to be popular. This interactive style of learning makes them popular for kids. The touchscreen devices are ideal as they can store a lot of information, which helps to make the visitor’s experience better.

Have you seen them?

They are the seven most popular interactive kiosks. Have you seen them? Have you used them? The next time you are out and about have a look and see if you can find one. You never know, you may just find them extremely useful.

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